This Poppy Seed and Fennel Bread Tastes Like Fresh Olives

 - Nov 19, 2015
References: glutenfreegirl & glutenfreegirl
This homemade pastry recipe by Gluten Free Girl offers a fragrant gluten-free bread alternative for those that are celiac or simply avoiding gluten in their diets. The bread offers spiced notes of fennel seeds, poppy seeds and olive oil that replicates the aromatic taste of fresh green olives. The recipe is also dairy-free opting for a nut milk base.

The Fennel-Poppy Seed loaf is a simple bread recipe to make at home that offers more savory and spiced notes thanks to the addition of fennel, salt, coconut sugar and olive oil. The base is made using almond milk and gluten-free all purpose flour that still rises and replicates the texture of traditional bread loaves.

Homemade gluten-free recipes such as this Fennel-Poppy Seed Loaf highlight how parents are focusing on providing staple foods for their family that are easy for the body to digest, as the diets of consumers change to reflect more natural ingredients.