- Dec 29, 2015
The top 2015 humor trends of 2015 demonstrate that consumers are not afraid to poke fun at celebrities, their favorite brands or even themselves. Indeed, there seems to be no shortage of companies willing to use humor as a way to promote their brand or product.

Humor has always been an effective advertising tool and it continues to be well received by consumers. Consumers are particularly impressed with brands that do not take themselves too seriously and aren't afraid to get in touch with their creative side. One interesting example, is Shock Top Brewing Co.'s talking billboard, which featured a sarcastic and quick-witted logo.

While some companies use humor for advertising purposes, others base their entire brand on absurdity. As the top 2015 humor trends demonstrate, consumers are always on the lookout for products that will give them a good laugh. For example, there are comical self-help books, overshare card games and terrible taxidermy photo collections that are purely intended for the purpose of entertainment.

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