'Never Have I Ever' Urges Players to Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Stories

 - Feb 24, 2015
References: amazon & neverhaveievergame
'Never Have I Ever' is favorite drinking game that encourages the revealing of awkward moments, embarrassing stories and questionable decisions. Also known as '10 Fingers,' this often explicit game has been adapted by Ideas Never Implemented into a deck of cards that encourages even more over-sharing.

Five hundred playing cards are printed with cues that will spur salacious, gross and hilarious revelations, earning the guilty players points for each controversial exploit. They could be asked something as tame as if you've ever "rocked a muffin top," or as uncensored as your most daring sexual escapade. Nicknamed "the game of poor life decisions," the 'Never Have I Ever' card game will guarantee that the source of prying questions will never run dry.

This comically rude game is suggested for 4 to 12 players, aged 17 or older. As an alternative to the prepared set, you can download the smartphone app, or print your own cards.