These Harry Potter Cartoons Cast Dumbledore in a New (and Funny) Light

Most Harry Potter fans are surely familiar with Albus Dumbledore as the benevolent and ever-wise professor, but these hilarious Harry Potter cartoons might have you rethinking how you see the beloved Hogwarts headmaster. Posted on tumblr by floccinaucinihilipilification, the magical series take well-known scenes and characters from the Harry Potter books and movies and puts a funny, Dumbledore-centric take on them that questions the wisdom of the venerable wizard.

For example, many of the Harry Potter cartoons poke fun at his inability to ring a doorbell when he dropped Harry off as a baby on his aunt and uncle's doorstep. They also suggest Harry's lightening bold scar was the result of being actually dropped, and not a consequence of the failed killing curse, as Avada Kedavra isn't supposed to leave physical markings.