The Cool Baby Lets Fake Parents Subtly Sip Booze

 - Feb 22, 2015
References: kickstarter & laughingsquid
The Cool Baby takes the notion of hidden public drinking to new heights. Developed by Simon Philion, this ingenious invention can hide up to 36 ounces of liquid in the form of a fake baby. That's right, this an actual fake baby flask. While that may sound weird, the end result isn't super creepy. The baby is asleep, so there's no need for facial expressions and actual movement. Once you dress it up, The Cool Baby actually looks pretty lifelike.

The inside of the baby is where the liquid container goes, and you drink out of a straw that pokes out from the head. People may scoff at the idea of drinking from a fake baby doll, and with good reason. That being said, beverage prices at events such as music festivals and sports venues are incredibly high, which makes the Cool Baby less of a novelty item.