This Tank Top Features the Fifty Shades of Bey

 - Feb 7, 2015
References: shop.nylon
It only makes sense that there's a 'Fifty Shades of Bey' tank top available at the Nylon Shop. I mean, a sultry, stripped down version of 'Crazy in Love' serves as the film's trailer soundtrack, after all.

More importantly, Beyonce is recognized as modern day pop music's superwoman. She plays many different roles, including solo superstar, feminist icon, Destiny's Child, proud parent and loving wife. Who knows how many shades of Beyonce there truly are? The woman is truly divine.

If you're a fan of Beyonce, as well as the erotic trilogy from author E.L. James, then you'll love the Fifty Shades of Bey tank top from Nylon's online shop. It's the perfect garment for the film's opening weekend!