The Snack Attack T-Shirt Features a Hungry Dino

 - Feb 20, 2015
References: shop.nylon
Available for purchase on Nylon's online shop, the snack attack tee is meant for those with an insatiable hunger and inclination towards fast food.

Being "Hangry" is an awful experience characterized by extreme annoyance and irrational impulses. As those Snickers ads used to say, "we're not ourselves when we're hungry." Even the healthiest dieter can be overcome with a desire to binge-eat burgers when caught in the throes of a hunger pang.

If your snack attacks reach Jurassic Park-proportions (and by that I mean you basically morph into a hungry T-rex on the prowl) then you might consider this humorous t-shirt. At the very least, it will warn everyone to stay out of your way.