From Informative Boiled Egg Guides to Sci-Fi Yolk Separators

 - Dec 23, 2015
These gifts for egg lovers range from boiled egg infographics to yolk-separating gadgets that pay homage to sci-fi franchise Star Wars. Other favorites include happy face egg molds that reshape a traditional breakfast dish along with hair baubles that resemble sunny-side-up eggs.

Additional gifts for egg lovers include handmade rugs that feature a crocheted egg design along with hyper-realistic food paintings that will appeal to avid art collectors. Next to a myriad of handy kitchen tools, these gifts also include novelty fashions like shimmering egg clutches, egg and bacon breakfast tees and even printed sweatshirts that boast a familiar fried egg print.

Lastly, examples like egg-themed jewelry pieces are designed to resemble realistic meal creations like noodles with a runny egg garnish -- appealing to foodies and fashion fans alike.