The Crack a Smile Egg Mold Ensures Everyone Starts the Day Off Right

 - Apr 11, 2014
References: thinkgeek & ohgizmo
Nutritionists and health experts have been drilling people will the idea that no day has properly begun without a healthy breakfast to jumpstart people's metabolism; those who struggle with this concept might take heart from the Crack a Smile Egg Mold. It gives a cheerful spin to the often neglected morning meal so that everyone will become as addicted to seeing the happy face as they are to gobbling it up.

Available online at Think Geek, the Crack a Smile Egg Mold is both heat- and food-safe. Whether used for eggs or even pancake mixes, it will be greeted with an answering smile. This is only natural considering that the expression is very infectious. There's no telling how good a day will go once it is started with the ubiquitous happy face.