The Sarcastic Culture-Targetting Chart was Created by Michael Mahaffey

 - Feb 23, 2015
References: thehipsteralphabet & designtaxi
Modern day hipsters are an easy group of humans to make fun of, as evidenced by The Hipster Alphabet created by web designer Michael Mahaffey. The chart uses each letter of the alphabet to define different elements of hipster culture, using both illustrations and sarcastic comments.

From A for aviators ("No, it's not sunny. Yes I do need to wear them. What exactly am I looking at?") to Z for zeitgeist and everything in between, the project was made to make fun of hipsters and so Michael Mahaffey could gain a better understanding of HTML and CSS. The chart makes all kinds of references, such as fashion choices (bowties, graphic tees, jorts, scarfs), beverages (espresso, homebrew, kombucha and whiskey) and music preferences (vinyl and The XX).