From Cartoon Combat Boots to Emoji Tee Apparel

 - Mar 29, 2015
The top March 2015 pop culture ideas include retro revival and the anti-hipster movement.

Pop culture is prone to referencing the past, but this month especially sees an influx of retro products, appealing not only to consumers' sense of nostalgia, but also to a strong inclination towards the vintage aesthetic. Unfortunately, the hipster movement is not receiving the same love. Once a hot subculture, hipsters have transformed into a resented mainstream staple that people aren't afraid to poke fun at. After all, everything is free game on the Internet!

Pop culture operates as a barometer for the world we live in; the more we understand pop culture, the more we understand ourselves. The top March 2015 pop culture ideas ultimately reflect a desire to bring the past into our present.