Marcelia Freesz Stars in Marie Claire Brazil's February Issue

Marcelia Freesz stars in the 'Detalhes Quentes' editorial for Marie Claire Brazil's February 2015 issue.

It's safe to say that Freesz is a beautiful woman all on her own. However, that didn't stop fashion editor Heleno Manoel from lavishing her with layer upon layer of accessories and jewels. The more-is-more approach might seem excessive, or perhaps even gluttonous, to some, but it does make a powerful statement about treating oneself to luxury items. Makeup artist Helder Rodrigues finished up the exorbitant look with slick, glossy lips and bold eyebrows, leaving Freesz' seafoam green eyes the only thing free from any adornment.

Photographer Nicole Heiniger lensed the gorgeous editorial for the Marie Claire Brazil February 2015 issue.