Sticker Cards are Hong Kong Greetings That Can Be Applied Anywhere

 - Feb 17, 2015
These sets of sticker cards come with more fun than your average post card or greeting card. Instead of writing a personalized message within a folded pre-ornamented paper, Evon Tay presents a collection of delightful adhesives that can be used to decorate anywhere you like.

Chinese characters mark the envelopes of the Majestic and Iconic Hong Kong stickers, framing them so that the giver and recipient each have a clear view of the beautiful motif inside. Choices include a red paper lantern, a dancing lion, a double-happiness glyph, Mahjong game pieces and an "I love HK" print. The decals can be sent to correspond with particular seasonal events, sending a bit of love and culture from the South China Sea. Any receiver would be more likely to keep and stick these sticker cards around than to recycle them like most paper greetings.