From Zodiac Basketball Jerseys to Feminine Steak Boxes

 - May 5, 2015
Given China's emergence as a global superpower and a country with an increasingly prosperous middle class and upper class, it's unsurprising that big brands and products have been coming up with Chinese marketing campaigns targeted towards that country's consumers.

Marketing to China is different from marketing to the USA or other Western nation due to the cultural and lifestyle differences involved, and this is something marketers have smartly picked up on. For example, W steak realized that in China, it's often women who buy steak for the family. Therefore they decided to adopt a feminine packaging scheme, the likes of which wouldn't be used in the USA, where steak is marketed to men.

In the world of food and beverage, Chinese marketing campaigns have often leveraged local ingredients in order to sell their products. And then there's the huge online marketing environment, which has proven key for marketers targeting web-savvy Chinese.

The biggest takeaway from these Chinese marketing campaigns is that marketed needs to be targeted culturally, and that conventional wisdom in one culture might not work in a different environment.