China's Jeju Island Joint Gives Free Meals to Good-Looking Customers

 - Jan 22, 2015
References: munchies.vice
Jeju Island may be known as a volcanic land mass located in South Korea, but it is also the name of a restaurant in China. People are becoming much more familiar with the eatery since it is hocking a controversial promotion that has put it in some hot water. The Jeju Island Restaurant offers free meals to people they judge are beautiful.

As soon as customers enter Jeju Island, they are invited to visit the beauty station that takes their photo. The portrait is sent to a panel of cosmetic surgeons in white coats that judge whether or not they make the cut. In defense of the promotion, Manager Xue Hexin says, "We are a Korean-style restaurant and our customers take great interest in Korea’s culture of plastic surgery." Although frowned upon, the gimmick has generated a lot of publicity for Jeju Island.