- Jun 30, 2015
Gay rights and pride are about far more than simply waving some rainbow flags and holding up placards supporting the right of gay people to live and love freely. Rather, the movement in its most ideal form centers around making actual, tangible changes to the lives of gay people as well as anyone leading non-conformist lifestyles.

The desire to embrace gay rights and pride has led to some interesting projects and services targeted specifically towards gay people. For example, there are now technology startups that cater towards LGBT entrepreneurs. There are even emoticons and employment camps that cater specifically to LGBT people, and address the unique challenges that they face.

Support for gay rights has also unsurprisingly been expressed wholesomely through the arts, with forms from photography to animation all finding interesting ways to bring gay culture well and truly into the mainstream.

From Lip-Locking Photography to DIY Rainbow Shoooters: