David Hamilton Remixes Classic Paintings with Star Wars Influence

 - Feb 4, 2015
References: twitter & mymodernmet
Artist David Hamilton replicates classic paintings with a Star Wars-themed twist. He began with Ilya Repin's 'Tolstoy Plowing,' adding an armed storm trooper into the otherwise peaceful pastoral scene, before moving onto other masterpieces.

Though entertaining, the new additions to these paintings are not merely to amuse. They also provide new, modern meaning to art that was created centuries ago. Introducing a new element can completely alter the context of the work, causing the viewer to see it in an entirely new light. This type of intervention often provides thought-provoking discussion, along with humor and delight.

Whether overt or implicit, each of Hamilton's additions seem to make sense in an alternate universe sort of way that disregards the laws of physics and the space-time continuum.