Poetweet is a Service that Turns Your Tweets into Poetry

 - Jan 19, 2015
References: poetweet.br
In an effort to promote its new literature courses, Brazilian cultural center b_arco has created Poetweet, an ingenious website that allows users to turn their tweets into -- you guessed it -- poems.

Thanks to social media, everyone can voice their opinions. Whether you're ranting on your Facebook status or anonymously venting your feelings into your blog, there's really no limit to how far you can go. True genius, however, comes in the form of Twitter users who can adequately express complex emotions, whether it be anger, fear, self-loathing or hunger, within 140 characters or less. In other words, Twitter is basically the modern-day equivalent to the Shakespearean stanza.

Users simply input their Twitter handle into the site and choose the format of the poem they'd like. Poetweet then combines their tweets in a manner that has a lot of rhyme, but very little reason, leading to some interesting results!