From Flatulent Jar Deliveries to Shock-Inducing Brainteasers

 - Nov 25, 2015
These gifts for enemies are perfect for those who didn't quite make the nice list this year. While the holiday season usually brings people together, there are some individuals who never seem to make amends. These gifts are specially designed for those who see the holiday season as the perfect time for revenge.

In recent years, a number of companies have emerged to help the scorned seek out revenge in cruel and unusual ways. These services allow consumers to send their enemies an unwanted surprise with just the touch of a button. Some of these revenge-based services include spiteful coal deliveries, sparkly hate mail and flatulent jar deliveries.

If you're looking for a more harmless park, there are a number of products that are more likely to result in laughter than tears. For example, there are fiery hot candy canes that may leave the recipient gasping for water. There is also a faux Rubik Cube game that emits small shocks to those who dare to play with it.

While these kinds of presents are unlikely to inspire holiday cheer, these gifts for enemies are perfect for those who are seeking vengeance this Christmas season.