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Whether it simply be for amusement or garnering media attention, pranks and hoaxes have become the ultimate source for humor and viral content. Showcasing the latest in marketing stunts, online hoaxes and viral videos, Trend Hunter’s Pranks category will certainly have you surprised and delighted by all these intentionally shocking stunts.
Spicy Insect Pizzas
Spicy Insect Pizzas
The Pizza Bandit's Spicy Thai Cicada Pie Features "Locally Foraged Cicadas"
Ohio’s Pizza Bandit is going viral thanks to an insect pizza that was created with “blanched and sautéed locally foraged cicadas.” The Spicy Thai Cicada Pie was made with a hand-... MORE
10 April Fool's Marketing Campaigns
10 April Fool's Marketing Campaigns
From Jerky Cologne Giveaways to Branded Gelatin Prank Kits
The beginning of April marks April Fool’s Day, a time when many brands release faux products or services as a marketing ploy and this list of 10 April Fool’s marketing campaign showcase... MORE
Professional Workwear Onesies
Professional Workwear Onesies
The Zoomsie is a Work from Home Fashion Solution
On April 1st, strategic communications and marketing agency Peppercomm introduced the world to the Zoomsie, “the world’s first integrated work-from-home fashion solution.” The one-... MORE
Crunchy Topping Cereals
Crunchy Topping Cereals
Carvel Ice Cream Turned Its Beloved Crunchies Into a Breakfast Cereal
Fans of Carvel Ice Cream’s chocolate Crunchies were treated to individual boxes of the dessert topping as a limited-edition breakfast cereal. The crunchy chocolate cookie pieces have a... MORE
Cauliflower-Flavored Marshmallows
Cauliflower-Flavored Marshmallows
PEEPS Dreamed Up a Marshmallow Flavor for April Fool's Day
Green Giant teamed up with PEEPS to create an unusual new marshmallow flavor for April Fool’s Day that recognizes cauliflower as a key ingredient in everything from pizza crusts to tots. The... MORE
Branded Gelatin Prank Kits
Branded Gelatin Prank Kits
JELL-O Unveiled its Stapler Mold Prank Kits Ahead of April Fool's Day
While most still haven’t been able to return to the office with the ongoing pandemic, JELL-O is looking to bring back an element of the comradery that often exists between coworkers during... MORE
Tiger Documentary-Themed Condoms
Tiger Documentary-Themed Condoms
The Joe’s Exotic Condoms Offer "Big Cat Protection"
The Netflix docu-series, Tiger King, has caught the attention of many for its hilarious and unexpected storyline and now fans can get their hands on’s new Joe’s Exotic Condoms.... MORE
Gummy Bear Face Masks
Gummy Bear Face Masks
Sugarfina Shared a Unique Face Mask Recipe for April Fool's Day
In a world where a great number of unusual facial treatments exist, Sugarfina’s unconventional face mask recipe fits right in. For April Fool’s Day, the candy brand took the opportunity... MORE
Blockchain Nostalgia
Brands release retro NFTs to draw in specific demographics
Trend - Brands are using blockchain tech as a way to bring nostalgic products and aesthetics into consumers' contemporary tech habits. Everything from retro art to classic children's books are being adapted into NFT formats that balance both novelty and nostalgia.
Workshop Question - How could your brand use modern tech to channel nostalgia?
Mischievous Candy Campaigns
Mischievous Candy Campaigns
Sour Patch Kids is Preparing for April Fool's Day with a "Prank Fund"
There’s a new candy campaign from Sour Patch Kids and it speaks specifically to mischievous TikTok users who are gearing up for April Fool’s Day fun and are interested in potentially... MORE
play_circle_filled DIY Toilet Paper Pranks
DIY Toilet Paper Pranks
Squatty Potty is Promoting 'Grow Your Own Toilet Paper' for April Fool's
As part of an April Fool’s toilet paper prank, Squatty Potty is claiming to have developed toilet paper seeds that let people grow their own toilet paper. The Toilet Paper Seeds is touted as a &... MORE
play_circle_filled Extreme Beverage Taste Tests
Extreme Beverage Taste Tests
Liquid Death's Blind Taste Test Features Liquefied Luxury Foods
Edgy canned water company Liquid Death pitted its newest sparkling water flavors against some of the “most expensive beverages on Earth” in a blind taste test to see what they would... MORE
Grape Jerky Snacks
Grape Jerky Snacks
Sun-Maid's Grape Jerky is a Limited-Time Whole Fruit Snack
Sun-Maid’s Grape Jerky was made for raisin fans and it’s being introduced as a better-for-you at-home or on-the-go snack that’s fueled by whole fruit and natural flavors. The dried... MORE
Jerky Cologne Giveaways
Jerky Cologne Giveaways
Jack Link's Will Be Sending 10 Fans Bottles of Its Dried Meat Fragrance
Jack Link’s Beef Jerky is celebrating April Fool’s Day this year with a rather unique giveaway, allowing its fans to enter for a chance to win a bottle of its Jerky Cologne. All fans... MORE
Video Chat Crashing Donkeys
Video Chat Crashing Donkeys
Peace N Peas Farm Will Rent a Donkey to Crash Boring Zoom Meetings
The mundane video-chat conferencing calls many are forced to hold in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic can now be upgraded thanks to a special donkey at Peace N Peas Farm. The 8-year-old miniature... MORE
play_circle_filled Haunted Rum Pranks
Haunted Rum Pranks
Bacardi Released Its Limited-Edition Rum with a Spirited Prank
To kick off the launch of The Haunted Rum—its limited-edition Halloween rum—Bacardi created a prank to truly bring its new spirit to life. For The Haunted Rum prank, Bacardi relied on a classic... MORE
Faux Pimple Popping Toys
Faux Pimple Popping Toys
Urban Outfitters Launched a 'Pop It Pal' Toy That Mimics Pimple Popping
Those enamored by the satisfaction of popping their pimples can now recreate the feeling at their leisure thanks to Urban Outfitters’ new ‘Pop It Pal’ toy. The intriguing new toy... MORE
Eyebrow-Accenting Sunglasses
Eyebrow-Accenting Sunglasses
Benefit Cosmetics Created the 'All Abrowed It' Sunglasses Style
In collaboration with Australian eyewear brand Quay, Benefit Cosmetics is launching three unique sunglasses styles. The sunglasses perfectly fuse the aesthetics of both brands in with updated retro... MORE
play_circle_filled Battered Plastic Meals
Battered Plastic Meals
Plastic Oceans UK's Fish and Chips Meal Represents a Possible Future
To bring attention to the fact that millions upon millions of tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean each year—and this amount is only predicted to increase if changes are not made—... MORE
play_circle_filled Screaming Soda Campaigns
Screaming Soda Campaigns
Fanta Set Up a Scream-Inducing Soda Vending Machine for Halloween
For Halloween this year, Royal (also known as Fanta in some parts of the world) set up a soda vending machine that accepted loud screams instead of coins. Those who were able to make enough noise to... MORE
play_circle_filled Deceptive Deli Campaigns
Deceptive Deli Campaigns
Greggs Went Undercover at a Gourmet Food Festival as Gregory and Gregory
At this year’s Foodies Festival, the UK’s largest celebration of food and drinks, event-goers found themselves in the presence of Michelin-starred chefs, Masterchef champions, artisan... MORE
play_circle_filled Artistic Fruit Pranks
Artistic Fruit Pranks
Philips Launched the 'Dutch Masterjuices' Campaign at the Rijksmuseum
Philips launched a Dutch Masterjuices campaign for healthy living at an unlikely location—the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam—to promote its range of masticating and centrifugal juicers. To bring... MORE
play_circle_filled Prank Eyewear Collections
Prank Eyewear Collections
Warby Parker and Arby's Created 'WArby’s' for April Fool's Day
For April Fool’s Day, prescription eyewear brand Warby Parker and quick-service fast-food sandwich restaurant Arby’s teamed up to create ‘WArby’s,’ which is humorously... MORE
Surprise-Inside Shopping Collectibles
Surprise-Inside Shopping Collectibles
ZURU's '5 Surprise Mini Brands' Features Tiny CPG Items
ZURU’s 5 Surprise line is made up of spherical capsules that can be unwrapped to reveal five surprise toys, which may include little pets, slimes, dress-up dolls, prank toys, glitter pens and... MORE
Cannabis Cottage Cheese Cups
Cannabis Cottage Cheese Cups
Muuna Introduced a Unique Cottage Cheese for April Fool's Day
Muuna makes a range of fruit-on-the-bottom cottage cheese cups in varieties like Blueberry, Pineapple and Strawberry and it introduced a limited-edition Cannabis Cottage Cheese made with milk from... MORE