This Lanyard Allows the Wearer to Have Pizza with Them at All Times

 - Sep 29, 2015
References: stupidiotic & odditymall
This wearable, portable pizza carrier makes sure that its owner will never be without a slice.

The Portable Pizza Pouch is essentially a triangular, pizza slice-shaped Ziploc bag attached to a lanyard. A wedge of pizza can be placed inside the pouch and then sealed in for warmth and freshness. Next, the owner of the Portable Pizza Pouch can wear their neat accessory/portable pizza carrier around until they get hungry, at which point they won't even have to pause in their busy routine because they already have a piece of cheesy, carby pizza goodness at their disposal.

It's hard to imagine anyone wearing a Portable Pizza Pouch in earnest but it could be a great gag gift for hardcore pizza lovers.