From Resin-Encased Cheesy Artworks to Chocolaty Pizza Desserts

 - Dec 25, 2016
These gifts for the pizza lover are the perfect way to help satiate the never-cured craving that so many have for the popular dish.

For those looking to express their fondness of it in a visual manner, there's entire pizza-themed clothing lines available. In addition, there's realistic pepperoni pie clutches available on Etsy, where the food-inspired carriers can be purchased from 'rommydebommy's' web shop. Although the 'Pizza Boy Sofa' is only available in the UK, the promotional couch from Domino's is the perfect place to relax outdoors while enjoying a slice.

Also featured in this compilation of gifts for the pizza lover are savory-looking nail polishes, a pizza-making camping cooker that dual-functions as an electronics charger and augmented reality games. For those looking to give their loved one an experience, 'Pizza Camp' is a getaway for adults that connects them to other like-minded enthusiasts while they bake their own dishes.