Eat Me by Lor-K Features Old Beds Turned into Common Food Dishes

 - Jun 1, 2016
References: lor-k & neatorama
Eat Me is the name of a unique food series. Except that food isn't actually involved at all -- just the clever and creative semblance of food. The Eat Me street art series features old mattresses that have been incredibly reshaped into common dishes such as a slice of pizza, a waffle drizzled with chocolate and even a wrap filled with lettuce, tomato and chicken.

Created by French street artist Lor-K, the Eat Me street art series is visually striking. Although it can be appreciated simply for the skill and imagination behind each creation, people can easily impose greater meaning to the sculptures. For instance, these old mattresses bring to mind the idea of homelessness. Perhaps the Eat Me street art series is commenting on the mixed up priorities of such a social epidemic.