These Illustrations Depict the Iconic Princes with Realistic Bodies

 - Sep 28, 2015
References: buzzfeed & mtv
Buzzfeed staff members Loryn Brantz and Jean-Luc Bouchard released a new series that envisions what the iconic princes of Disney would look like with realistic bodies. While the Disney princesses have undergone many different transformations over the years, their princely counterparts have remained largely unchanged. This series takes on the iconic heroes and gives them more realistic features.

Even though they are just cartoons, the Disney princes have contributed to how children see the world. This series displays the cartoon heroes in a more accurate light by giving them body hair and more realistic proportions. While some of the changes are subtle, others are far more dramatic. For example, Aladdin simply appears less muscular, while Prince Eric displays a noticeable potbelly.

The cheeky series serves as a simple reminder that cartoons are not always the best mirror for reality.