These Infographics Compare Cocktails to Junk Food Using Emojis

 - Sep 19, 2015
References: elitedaily & elitedaily
Elite Daily put together a series of mini infographics that bluntly showcase booze to junk food calorie comparisons that might initially shock you. The charts use Emojis to showcase how having a certain number of a specific cocktail can equal the same calorie intake as consuming a large amount of various fast foods.

Just because alcoholic beverages are primarily liquids does not mean that they are low in calories or sugar. In fact these illustrations by Elite Daily show that over the span of a night consuming four vodka cranberries is equivalent to enjoying 18 rolls of California sushi, one bottle of champagne equals six slices of bread and eight tallboys of Bud Light equals to three cheeseburgers. The charts cleverly use emojis to denote the various conversions making this a fun, humorous but startling read.