Microsoft Introduces How-Old.Net as a Way to Guess Users' Age

 - May 1, 2015
References: & refinery29
Microsoft's Machine Learning team came together to create, a website that uses the company's Face API (essentially a facial detector for photos) to guess users' age. Sometimes technology is used for good, and sometimes it's used for evil; this is definitely an example of the latter, with the results varying from pretty accurate to wildly off-base.

Curious (and brave) individuals have been uploading photos of themselves to and sharing the results of this experiment with their social media. Many users have been getting drastically different results depending on what photo they put up. Try it if you dare (and only if you have really flattering lighting at your disposal)!

But before you start wondering what Microsoft professionals were doing tinkering with age-guessing algorithms, know that was actually borne out of an experiment looking at real-time usage analytic and face analysis.