Paula Rúpolo Swaps the Coloring of Competitive Brands

 - Aug 26, 2015
References: printsome & designtaxi
A Brazilian-based graphic designer Paula Rúpolo created a collection of competitive brand logos that feature swapped color schemes. The humorous designs share traditionally recognized logos that look completely altered by the slightest change in hue and tone.

The overall idea for this project is highlight the importance of color. When the identity of globally recognized brands can be changed just by switching a color, it encourages consumers to think more deeply about their connection to these commodity-representing images.

By addressing how consumers associate a brand with its colors, it provides designers and markets alike with a true insight to how a brand or product is being recognized. An example that this artist presents is swapping the pink color of Dunkin' Donuts with the green color of Starbucks. Theses competitive brand logos are reacted to differently by consumers by only changing the color scheme.