This Graphic Compares the Joy of Having a Cat to the Horror of Having a Baby

 - Oct 28, 2015
References: theoatmeal & boredpanda
'The Oatmeal,' otherwise known as Matthew Inman, is the artistic creator of these hilariously accurate cat comics that pit cat against baby. Not only are these graphics extremely entertaining, they are also informative for anyone thinking about having a baby -- or a cat for that matter.

The images range from explaining that babies are clearly "jam-covered goblins" to warning about their ability to permanently ruin any hope of romance or travel. In contrast, the cat comics outline how lovely cat ownership can be in comparison, presenting them as independent, courageous and magical creatures. The conclusion states that while cute kittens give people's lives meaning, babies -- quite simply -- ruin them.

This excellent webcomic joins Inman's other highly entertaining pieces that liken dogs to middle-aged men and explain America to non-Americans.