From Authentic Female Fitness Ads to No-Wait Coffee Shops

 - Jan 16, 2016
Redesigned food containers, pet shelters and sporting equipment are all ideas that are shaping the top 2015 lifestyle trends.

With so many apps and gadgets that are designed to simplify daily life, consumers are looking to the make the most of their time in other places. Brands are responding by stressing convenience in packaging, delivery services, as well as store concepts like one from Starbucks that completely eliminates traditional lineups at the cash.

This attitude of wanting to perform to one's highest abilities and get the most out of life can also seen in food and drinks that have been fortified with additional vitamins and nutrients, as well as products that are designed to serve as many purposes as possible.

As well as providing an overview of what to look forward to in the year ahead, the 2016 Trend Report dives into specific lifestyle components from food and health to pets and weddings.