The Mini-Farm Grow Box Lets You Easily Grow Greens At Home

 - Feb 25, 2015
References: & gizmag
The Mini-Farm Grow Box is an all-new soil-free, non-electric home-based food growing system developed by Texan consumer health advocate Mike Adams of the non-profit organization Food Raising. This contraption allows home gardeners to grow food without having to weed out invaders and without have to worry about complex pumps, motors and other parts. Moreover, this system works with about 1/20th the amount of water required in conventional agriculture, and about half as much soil space.

The Mini-Farm Grow Box is based on the principles of constant bottom feeding non-circulation hydroponics. The system maintains a constant water level in grow boxes without extra circulation or air pumps.

This system works well anywhere with access to sunlight and allows growers to grow food in waist-high platforms. This sort of convenience is exactly what's needed if home-grown food is to catch on on a wider scale.