Harper and Lola Pose in This Pet Photography Series by Rebeca Leimbach

 - Apr 21, 2015
References: rebeccaleimbach & buro247.hr
Rebecca Leimbach's pet photography series captures the adorable relationship between her daughter Harper and their family dog Lola. After failing to conceive a child for years, Rebecca and her husband Christopher welcomed daughter Harper into their lives a few years ago.

The five-year-old's best friend is the family bulldog Lola, a pet she dresses up in princess costumes, reads books to and shares naps with. The duo's adorable friendship is captured by mom Rebecca's lens and will make viewers' hearts melt.

In addition to following a friendship between a child and animal, this pet photography series is incredibly sentimental. The series shows how Harper and her pet learn from one another and illustrates an irreplacable bond that cannot be replicated.