- Aug 26, 2015
In honor of National Dog Day, these creative canine portraits pay tribute to man's best friend. From dog cone editorials to cosplay canine portraits, these dog-honoring images capture the lovable furry faces of playful pets.

Dogs have easily become a welcomed member of many families, which is proven through this vast collection of photographs. However, some editorials have been published in the hopes that more people will adopt these adorable animals. For example, the 'Rescue Me' series by Brian Moss aims to find homes for dogs living in shelters.

National Dog Day honors pooches around the world and these photograph collections showcase society's love for these furry pets. While some images such as the summery pooch portraits show the playful side of dogs, other editorials like anti-bullying canine campaigns utilize pooches to raise awareness for controversial topics.

These Canine Editorials are a Tribute to National Dog Day: