These Illustrations Depict Various Canine Breeds with Simple Imagery

 - Aug 11, 2015
References: & designtaxi
Florence-based artist Laura Palumbo created these playfully illustrated dog doodles that feature various canine breeds. The simple and clean images are placed in a poster-like chart that allows viewers to easily locate a particular breed using common features.

The purpose of these dog doodles is to showcase the common traits that are shared among particular breeds. While it can be easy to distinguish a family pet based on their quirky characteristics, this chart reveals a broader scope.

Each pooch is placed in a square-like frame that shows them gazing head-on. The images show specific traits such as long ears, distinct dots and facial structures. For example, a common trait among Dalmatians is their white fur that is speckled with black dots. Another example is the Afghan Hound, which can be determined based on its long and slopping ears that hang beside a slim face.