- Oct 8, 2015
These unconventional networking apps are designed to help professionals connect with those who fall outside of their immediate circle. In recent years, technology has provided new platforms for professionals to connect with one another. Instead of simply meeting at a conference or event, employees can now use digital channels to foster meaningful connections.

One of the ways that new technology has changed the act of networking is by making it an activity that occurs outside of work hours. Mobile platforms enable professionals to network during their commute, happy hour or even on their vacation. Some of the apps designed for fostering connections outside of the office include travel-based business apps, high-rise networking platforms and in-flight networking apps.

Aside from helping employees make connections in their downtime, networking platforms have also evolved to help those who work in emerging fields. For example, there are unconventional networking apps designed to help freelancers find new work. There are also mobile platforms that help entrepreneurs can connect with those who are pursuing similar ventures.

From High-Rise Networking Platforms to Startup Networking Apps: