'Art House Moscow' is Equal Parts Gallery and Locally Sourced Restuarant

 - Feb 23, 2015
References: bazaar.ru
Art House Moscow mixes art and cuisine in the most industrial way possible. The reincarnated club features locally sourced products and home grown chefs. The pop-up restaurant and gallery pay homage to the industrialization of food in a unique way. Also known as the 'Garage' fixed in the penthouse suite above the Museum of Modern Art, Art House plans to constantly update its menu and interior to keep people interested and curious.

The restaurant plans on stocking the place with artwork by Recycle, Gutova Dmitry, Andrei Gorbunov and other artists. The industrial-looking mash-up boasts dark wood interiors, brass metal fixtures and an open concept dinning area.

Art House Moscow is a supercharged amalgamation of art and cuisine.