This Portable Camping Stove Packs Up for Easy Carrying in One Hand

 - Feb 27, 2015
References: yankodesign
This is the ultimate portable camping stove. This concept would negate the need for a propane tank and take up so little room in your backpack. In fact, this design is convenient enough that you could simply clip it onto the outside of your sack, or tote it in your hand as you head out on a picnic.

The idea for the Clip Range was developed by Mina Kim, Kinam Hwang, Suim Chois and Jisoo Koh. It comprises a metal heating ring and four stabilizing supports that keep your pots and pans elevated from the earth, rocks and wooden tables. Made for the 21st century outdoorsman, this keychain-like portable camping stove has a removable cap on one of its fins, opening up to a retractable cord for recharging it electrically.