This Dairy Retail Booth Design is an Escape Within the Grocery Aisle

 - Apr 14, 2015
This immersive dairy retail booth is playful and informative at the same time. Providing a mini escape from the rest of the supermarket, the Paras booth is a full-on experience for the busy grocery shopper.

Created by Delhi-based Animesh Ranjan, this Paras booth is a dynamic and eye-catching addition to the dairy section of the grocer in that it commands the attention of the shopper -- a difficult task in a busy marketplace full of distractions.

The experiential marketing aspect of this dairy retail display is key in communicating the brand's message and the philosophies it champions, by introducing imagery that will have the consumer dreaming of a dairy farm. With an informative television display, an array of products and a refrigerated bar full of samples, this booth is sure to become a hit.