The Unattached Orbitwheel Platforms Let You Skateboard in a New Way

 - Apr 1, 2015
References: hammacher & designtaxi
These circular skates are described as the "post modern skateboard." Available online from Hammacher Schlemmer, the Sidewinding Circular Skates offer a futuristic mode of transport to active folks.

The Orbitwheel lets you skateboard without having to push off the ground. Instead you propel yourself by leaning side to side, resulting in snake-like movement. To ride, you simply place your feet on the platforms and lean to rotate the 10 inch rubber wheels that wrap around each foot. The wheels aren't connected to each other, which allows you to perform fancy tricks like 720 degree spins. For added stability, however, they also come with an extendable rod that can attach to both wheels. This is particularly useful for beginners, acting similarly to training wheels. The annular skates can also go over grass and dirt.