This Company Sells Wood Oven Pizza from a Converted Truck

'Happy As Larry' is an Australian pizza company that sells fresh pizza pies from a converted truck. While food trucks are designed to operate as fully functional kitchens, they are not equipped to support wood fire ovens. This company devised a clever way to turn a conventional food truck into a Italian-style eatery.

Happy As Larry is a mobile restaurant that specializes in selling Napoli-style wood fired pizza. In order to accommodate the enormous oven, the company created a food truck out of an old shipping container and other recycled materials. The converted truck features a fully stocked commercial kitchen and a wood fire oven that can be used to make Napoli-style pizzas. The impressive interior is visible to customers via six enormous glass windows built into the side of the truck.

The super-sized food truck demonstrates how restaurants can utilize unconventional materials to accommodate their needs.