From Artisanal Yogurt Bars to Festival Froyo Trucks

 - Mar 17, 2016
These frozen yogurt retail concepts range from artisanal yogurt bars to festival froyo trucks that frequent local charity and concert events. Standouts include self-serve yogurt bars that offer both indulgent and healthy options. While examples like Canada's Qoola yogurt bar offer a guilt-free menu of organic treats, cafes like Styo Dessert are proud to only feature locally sourced ingredients.

While frozen yogurt retail spaces with a self-serve business model will appeal to convenience-focused Millennials and consumers who wish to control every aspect of their diet, examples like Toronto's Astarté yogurt shop feature in-house experts that will create gourmet-inspired desserts. This example is inspired by craft cocktail bars and artisanal cafes that feature dedicated baristas and mixologists and a menu that targets serious foodies.

Convenient froyo kiosks and lounge dessert bars round off this list and target an audience of parents who are interested in grab-and-go snacks or dining experiences that offer separate services for both adults and children.