Toronto's deKEFIR Offers an Artisanal and Healthy Dessert Menu

 - Mar 16, 2016
References: facebook & dekefir
Toronto's deKEFIR cafe offers a healthy dessert menu that includes frozen yogurt-inspired soft serve and granola cups along with custom smoothie beverages. Are all made from Kefir -- a popular yogurt alternative that is enriched with probiotics and other metabolism-boosting properties -- the menu items range from self-serve to pre-made options that are designed for urban professionals. The shop also prides itself on using natural and local ingredients, appealing to health-conscious Millennials who are looking to invest in a nutritious snack.

Located in the heart of Toronto's Downtown core, deKEFIR does not only offer a healthy dessert menu but is also home to pre-made lunch options like green bowls. Its frozen yogurt substitute is a kefir-based soft serve that is topped with a fruit medley of one's choice. While competing dessert cafes can feature artificially sweetened products, this Kefir shop opts for a natural sweetener, organic cane sugar that lightly flavors its signature menu items.