From Celebratory Donut Giveaways to AR Fast Food Promotions

 - Mar 8, 2017
These QSR consumer loyalty innovations range from celebratory donut giveaways to AR fast food promotions. Marketed towards tech lovers, the recent mobile Monopoly promotion by McDonald's aims to increase brand engagement while giving smartphone gamers a chance to unlock prizes they can redeem in store.

Other standouts include festive iced tea and coffee giveaways like Starbucks' National Iced Tea Day promotion and Krispy Kreme's National Coffee Day rewards. Additional examples to take note off are more niche in their marketing strategy -- ranging from pirate-themed dessert giveaways to anime game partnerships that let Pokemon GO players unlock coupons while at fast food establishments.

Mobile punch card apps and emoji-powered pizza deliveries round off this list and target consumers seeking rewards that are unexpected and convenient to access.