This Chain is Offering a Free Breakfast Special for Two Weeks

 - Apr 22, 2016
References: & chewboom
McDonald's Malaysia recently announced that it will be offering a free breakfast special to customers for 10 days. While the idea of providing customers with a free meal is not unusual, these kinds of fast food promotions are usually limited to a single day. Now McDonald's is upping the ante by offering freebies for a 10 full days.

The new promotion spans two weeks and runs from April 11th to 15th and again from April 18th to 22nd. As part of the promotion, McDonald's Malaysia will treat customers to a free breakfast special between the hours of 4AM and 10:45AM. The special includes a Chicken Cheese Pocket and a eight ounce cup of coffee or tea.

The new promotion is part of McDonald's ongoing effort to promote its breakfast menu and convince customers to consider choosing the chain for their morning meal.