From Canned Cold Coffees to Overflowing Milkshake Beverages

 - Mar 10, 2016
These cafe menu innovations range from overflowing milkshake creations to canned cold coffee beverages that are designed for on-the-go consumers. While famed coffee distributors like Starbucks are enhancing consumer engagement with seasonal java blends and secret snack menus, independent cafes are appealing to niche demographics with themed offerings that are both tasty and experiential.

Standouts include video game and selfie-themed cafes that offer unique latte art, inspired by niche interests. In addition to 3D-printed selfie lattes, Millennials are responding to gamer-inspired coffees and accessible snack menus that are culturally themed.

Borrowing from exotic cuisines, cafe menu examples like spicy coffee shop sandwiches, vegetarian cafe menus and purple potato lattes are designed to cater to a wide variety of tastes. Rather than sticking to familiar flavor formulas, coffee brands are taking more risks than ever before in an effort to target a more global demographic.