These Iced Lattes are Prepared with Limes and a Wine Simple Syrup Reduction

 - Oct 28, 2015
References: sprudge
Before moving the Cognoscenti Coffee to its new home in Los Angeles' Chinatown, Jack Benchakul took a visit to Thailand to inspire some new flavor ideas for coffee, iced lattes and more. On his return home, Benchakul suddenly saw his surroundings in an entirely new way, particularly the Makrut lime tree in his own backyard.

This tree grew to become an essential part of the Makrut Lime Malbec Iced Latte. The wine portion of the drink was prepared by making a red wine simple syrup reduction, which is then combined with zest and juice from fresh limes. This unusual flavor combination is paired with equal parts cold brew coffee and ice, as well as whole milk. Before serving, the entire concoction is shaken.

In terms of demand, making a single batch of the syrup per week used to suffice, but now this stock needs to be replenished every few days.