The NBHD Neanderthal Cafe Chills Its Iced Coffee Drinks with Nitrogen

 - Mar 20, 2015
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Australia's NBHD Neanderthal cafe is redefining what it means to serve iced coffee drinks. Normally, a good cold coffee requires up to 24 hours to steep or drip, but this inventive cafe is speeding up the process by using a combination of nitrogen and argon gases to serve colder than cold coffee on tap.

The process involves steeping freshly roasted coffee at room temperature for about 12 hours, before it it double filtered. After this, the ice-cold coffee is kept perfectly chilled until it is ready to be served on tap. Some of the advantages to using liquid nitrogen over mechanical chilling include its speed, flexibility and space-saving qualities. Now, the Neanderthal cafe is able to claim that it was the first to serve Australia's first cold brewed coffee on tap.