La Colombe's Iced Coffee Latte is Prepared with Frothy Microfoam Milk

 - Jul 29, 2015
References: lacolombe & refinery29
La Colombe is a coffee company that has made itself known for collaborations with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, as well as cold coffee that's been steeped for 16 hours to give it an extra potent flavor—now the brand is stirring up new interest for the intriguing way it prepares its iced coffee lattes.

As many other coffeehouses do, La Colombe serves its cold brew on tap. But what really sets its 'Draft Latte' apart is the fact that it is prepared with a microfoam milk that has a rich texture. When this milk is combined with the cold coffee in this way, it creates a texture that's more like a frothy latte than an iced coffee with added milk.

For now, the Draft Latte is only being served at select La Colombe locations, although it will soon be available nationwide later this summer.