This Frozen Yogurt Booth Boasts a Streamlined and Striking Design

 - Apr 14, 2015
References: coroflot
This froyo kiosk concept boasts a futuristic aesthetic and is inspired by the snack's on-the-go qualities. The booth is designed by Ayman Yackop and features a cubed look that is both streamlined and compact.

Frozen yogurt is a summer snack that is a healthier alternative to ice cream and has become a favorite among urban dwellers with a sweet tooth. The low fat option is often served in futuristic shops or froyo kiosks like this one. While the traditional frozen yogurt stand can be large and spacious thanks to self-serve capabilities, this booth is much smaller, referencing the compact nature of froyo as a summer treat.

The booth is fitted with a cash register, hanging banner displays and a refrigerated sneeze guard that allows shoppers to pick and choose their favorite flavors.