From Camel Milk Chocolates to Gorilla Milk Beverages

 - Aug 10, 2016
Consumers are used to seeing traditional dairy products like cheese, yogurt and chocolates made with cow's milk, but a number of unconventional animal milk products are appearing on the market in order to topple convention.

Some of the most unique products on the market include Victory Garden's 'BAAH-NILLA!' goat milk gelato, a cheesecake by New York City restaurant Lupulo that is made with a base of milk from sheep and 'Gorilla Milk,' which is actually sourced from primates. To indicate how much these products are beginning to trickle into the mainstream, Yoplait France is now producing several varieties of yogurt made with sheep and goat's milk.

Food and beverage products made with alternative animal milks are becoming effective ways for satisfying a consumer's desire for exoticism and unique flavor, as well as health and sustainability.