This Eastern European Yogurt is Made from Organic Sheep and Cow's Milk

 - Jul 10, 2015
References: balkantreasure & trndmonitor
While most consumers have heard of Greek yogurt, many are unfamiliar with Bulgarian yogurt. While this yogurt variety may be less common in North America, it is a popular treat in other parts of the world. Now 'Balkan Treasures' wants to bring this creamy yogurt to a new set of consumers in the form of its 'YoBul!' yogurt cups.

Bulgarian yogurt is similar to other yogurts produced in the Balkans, but with a distinct tart flavor. Unlike other types of yogurt, Bulgarian yogurt is made from grass-fed organic sheep and cow's milk. Only specific strains of bacteria are used in this type of yogurt, which sets it apart from comparable products. The YoBul! yogurts are then finished with organic flavor extracts and stevia sweetener. The result is a naturally creamy yogurt with a refreshing tart taste.